From 1980 to the present day, the company of Fotopoulos Dimitrios produces seasonal plants. In 2012 we expanded our range of products and we moved into the production of vegetables. In our greenhouse and building facilities, as well as in our fields with a total area of 40,000 sq.m., we produce more than 50 species of flowering seasonal plants to be planted in the ground or in pots. Our annual production exceeds 4.5 million plants and we are the largest plant in this kind of production in Greece.

Outdoor Cultivation

We have 20.000 m2 outdoor crops to produce and develop our plants.



Our company produce more than 50 species of flowering plants for gardens and pots.



We constantly try to have the best quality!

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We upgrade all our company's systems to bring them more in line with the needs of our customers! !

οver 50 species
flowering seasonal

Annually production

We grow more than 4,5 million plants for your needs every year.


Our customers

We work with more than 800 clients in Greece and Balkans.



We have had more than 36 years experience producing seasonal plants and vegetables.

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We continuously develop our company trying to satisfy your needs for plants. !


Lakia Thessalonikis 57006, Thessaloniki

Tel: 23960 23330, 23034 - Fax: 23960 22204

e-mail: info@dfotopoulos.com


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