Our company has
40,000 m² of greenhouse,
building facilities
and fields

20.000m² of greenhouses and buildings

Our company has 20.000m² of greenhouses and buildings.

Annual production

Each year, we produce more than 4.5 million plants to meet your needs.

Field crops

We also have 20,000 m² of field crops to produce and grow our plants.

A variety of plants

Our company produces more than 50 kinds of flowering seasonal plants for gardens and pots.



We have incorporated new technologies at all stages of production and we have modernised our equipment. With a sense of responsibility and respect towards people and our very product, we always look for the best ways to grow our business in the long run.


Lakia Thessalonikis 57006, Thessaloniki

Tel: 23960 23330, 23034 - Fax: 23960 22204

e-mail: info@dfotopoulos.com


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